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De la Garza ’97 on Journalism, Beauty in Forbes

Emerson alumna Bianca de la Garza ’97, a producer, TV host, and Emmy-nominated journalist, talked to Forbes about her career, being the daughter of a Mexican-American immigrant, her decision to leave TV journalism, and her latest venture — Bianca de la Garza Beauty.

De la Garza talked about her Emerson education and the importance of persistence and hard work to breaking into journalism (or any industry).

I was 17 and I was starting college, and I took an extra job at a cable station. At the time I [threw] myself into it. It was an internship and they let me do some on camera work, but I didn’t get paid. I think things like that really matter. You have to be really scrappy, and put in the time; you have to get your hands dirty. The stories I was covering were actually on a local cable station, not just on college news. That’s a piece of advice that comes up more than anything; you have to just work harder than you ever think to break through.

Read the Q&A on Forbes website.

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