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Photos: Emerson Pledges Inclusion with The Ghostlight Project

On Thursday, January 19, the evening before Donald Trump was inaugurated as president, ArtsEmerson and HowlRound joined more than 100 theater companies across the nation in The Ghostlight Project

At 5:30 pm, at the Emerson/Cutler Majestic Theatre, people gathered to “make, or renew, a pledge to stand for and protect the values of inclusion, participation, and compassion for everyone regardless of race, class, religion, country of origin, immigration status, (dis)ability, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation.”

Participants at the Cutler Majestic took turns reading from the U.S. Constitution as part of that pledge. 

The Ghostlight Project takes its name from the tradition of leaving a “ghost light” on in a dark theater. 

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