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Emerson alumni TV episodes to air

Rachel Lind '09 co-wrote an episode of 2 Broke Girls with David Shecter.

Emerson College alumna Rachel Lind ’09 co-wrote an episode of the CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls that will air Wednesday, February 10, kicking off a string of TV episodes written by alumnae being broadcast in coming months.

An episode of NBC drama Chicago Fire co-written by Liz Alper ’08 will air at the end of March, and Tesha Kondrat ’13 wrote two episodes of the animated series Camp WWE, which will air on the new WWE Network later in the spring.

Lind has been a writers’ assistant on 2 Broke Girls for the past four years, and co-wrote the episode with David Shecter. Prior to 2 Broke Girls, she worked as a production assistant, researcher, and writers’ assistant on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0. She interned at Comedy Central while at Emerson.

In Lind’s episode, “And the Booth Babes,” protagonists Max and Caroline get jobs as booth attendants at Game-con. Lind said she hopes to land a staff job on the show within the next few years.

Alper and writing partner Ally Seibert joined Chicago Fire last year, and are currently in Chicago overseeing production of their second episode for the show. Alper and Seibert co-wrote an earlier episode, “Sharp Elbows,” which aired November 24, 2015.

“Everyone here is fantastic,” Alper said. “We’re hoping we get to come back for another season.”

Liz Alper '08 co-wrote an episode of Chicago Fire.

Prior to Chicago Fire, Alper was an assistant for over two years to David Shore, executive producer of House, M.D. and Battle Creek. She was one of the judges at the Emerson LA/Final Draft pitch competition in November, and will speak to Emerson students via Skype for Associate Professor Jim Macak’s course on Writing Television Pilots on February 24.

Kondrat was hired this year by actor/writer/producer Seth Green to write for his new series, which reimagines WWE superstars when they were kids at summer camp, and debuts May 2. Kondrat’s episodes are “Vince is Just Not That Into You” and “Blackjack Beauty.”

Kondrat got her first “story by” credit in 2011, while still a junior at Emerson and doing an internship with FX’s Archer, which she got on the strength of a spec episode she wrote. She pitched an idea to Executive Producer Adam Reed, who gave her a credit when her idea was developed. In 2013, she was hired as an assistant and got her first writing credit for an episode she co-wrote with Reed.

On February 3, Kondrat stopped by Macak’s TV Pilot Writing class to speak to students.

Tesha Kondrat '13 wrote two episodes for the forthcoming Camp WWE.

“Writing for TV is such a competitive business, and it means a lot to our students when alums come back to offer advice and hope for those who wish to follow on that path,” Macak said.

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