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Edelstein publishes article on intercultural learning

Cushner EdelsteinCathryn Cushner Edelstein, senior scholar-in-residence in Communication Studies, authored an academic article that was published on June 30 in Global Partners in Education Journal about a unique intercultural learning experience she instituted at Emerson.

The Fall 2013 program involved Emerson students using email and social media to complete graded assignments with students in Romania and Fiji. Students were tasked with navigating through communication challenges whether they were cultural or time zone related.

Edelstein conducted a pre- and post-Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessment of her students to measure their intercultural competency growth over the semester. The pedagogy and benefits of this experience are described in her article. Edelstein said the students formed meaningful relationships as they worked together and learned valuable intercultural communication skills.

“The results of the post-assessment showed that the students’ intercultural competency growth was greater than those reported in a previous study of students who studied abroad.” she said. “This is a great way for students who, for whatever the reason, cannot study abroad to gain intercultural exposure.”

Edelstein’s article, “Developing Intercultural Competence Through Mediated Triple-Intercultural Classroom Collaboration,” is now available online.

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