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Big turnout for comedy show

An array of Emerson–based comedy troupes and comedians performed to a standing-room-only crowd in Piano Row’s Multipurpose Room on October 12.

“There was a great mix of sketch, stand-up, and improv, which kept the show different and exciting all the way through,” said Kevin Seefried ’14, who hosted the All–Troupe Comedy Show. “It was incredible.”



Ricky Downes III '15 performs at the All-Troupe Comedy Comedy Show at Emerson on October 12, 2013. (Photo by Leah Casselman '15)

Student comedians included Seefried, Ryan Donahue ’14, Nick Holmes ’16, Nick Hanley ’16, and Jamie Sanders ’16. Their stand-up sets occurred between troupe performances by Stroopwafel, Chocolate Cake City, SwoMo, Emerson Comedy Workshop, and Police Geese.

The event was hosted by Police Geese.

Emerson Comedy Workshop screened “okOedipus,” a television commercial for a parody dating website.

The night flowed seamlessly between acts with Seefried appearing at the microphone to transition with a joke or two, eliciting bellowing laughs.

“It was such a fun show to be a part of,” Seefried said. “Probably the best show I’ve seen on campus since I transferred in.”



Lily Richards '16, Andy Stocker '14, and Eli Lutsky '15 of Emerson Comedy Workshop at the All-Troupe Comedy Show. (Photo by Leah Casselman '15)

Seefried, a Writing for Film and Television major, first attended Claremont McKenna College before taking a leave of absence to focus on stand-up comedy in New York City. He transferred to Emerson last January.

“Emerson’s the only school I applied to as a transfer because it’s easily the best school in the country for comedy,” Seefried said.

Seefried also writes for the Emerson Channel and is involved with Inside Joke, another campus comedy group.



The SwoMo comedy group performs at the All-Troupe Comedy Show. In the foreground are Autumn McCumiskey '15 and Scott Lamica '14. (Photo by Leah Casselman '15)

“I don’t think students here understand just how unbelievable it is that the school not only offers open mics twice a month, but that people actually show up to support them,” he said.

“It’s just great to perform in a room that’s excited not only to laugh, but to listen and learn with you during your set,” Donahue said.

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