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Rasky Spins Music with Boston Roots

The Cars. Alpha Group. Sly and the Family Stone. Those are some of the artists that Emerson Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees and alumnus Larry Rasky ’78 chose to play on the air during his guest DJ appearance on Emerson radio station WERS (88.9 FM) on August 30.

“I believe WERS is the greatest radio station in the world,” Rasky said during his broadcast. He said he had a blast hosting, and chose the artists that he played because of their Boston roots, as well as the timelessness of their songs.


“I believe WERS is the greatest radio station in the world.”

Rasky won the opportunity to host a WERS program at the 2010 Alumni Association Scholarship Auction.

As the Chairman of Rasky Baerlein Communications, Inc., he has more than 30 years of experience in public policy and media relations. He has worked on campaigns for Senator John Kerry, Vice President Joe Biden, and President Jimmy Carter.

WERS is a student-run station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It was the first public radio station in Boston, and began operating in 1949. As the nation’s highest-rated student run radio station, WERS is known for broadcasting more live performances than any other Boston-area radio station.

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