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ERS+, Boston’s Black Experience, Highlighted in BBJ

Alum and WERS General Manager Howard “D” Simpson ’94 created ERS+ after George’s Floyd’s murder in 2020, growing its audience ever since and earning spots on Neilsen ratings frequently. On the popularity and significance of Boston’s Black Experience:

“It just legitimizes you. It reminds you of your worth, that you are of value and important, given the history of the Black experience,” he said. “It’s all about you and the messages, the power behind the microphone that you can have, to penetrate the community.”

Asked what his goals are for ERS+, he says, “If I believed in magic, and then I had a wand, and I could wave that wand, ERS+ plus would not be an HD 2. It would have its own transmitter frequency and continue to do what it’s doing. We’ve got some things coming up for it this year … I can’t go too deep into those. But I’m excited for what that future will hold.”

Read the Boston Business Journal piece.

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