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Advance Equity, Access, and Social Justice

Dear Emersonians,

We are pleased to announce the relaunch of the Presidential Advisory Group for Community & Equity (PAG), and invite you to be part of this initiative.

The PAG was originally formed in Spring 2021 following the student #ESOCWeekOfAction in November 2020 and Access: Student Disability Union’s Access Advocacy Project in April 2021. During a hiatus last year, we began the process of reimagining how this critical group can continue to play a meaningful role in advancing equity, access, and social justice across the College.

What is the New PAG?

The reimagined PAG will be advisory to the President and Vice President for Equity & Social Justice, and serve as the College’s central equity, access, and social justice advisory committee. The committee will be composed of up to 31 students, staff, and faculty who advocate and advise on high-level strategic priorities. It works to foster an environment where equity is an integral and enduring part of the College’s culture by increasing participatory decision-making processes related to equity, and working to build community power through alignment with the principles of shared governance.

Why Get Involved?

Members of the PAG will actively contribute to shaping the future of Emerson College. By collaborating with fellow Emersonians committed to positive change, PAG members will have a direct impact on strategic initiatives promoting equity, access, and social justice.

How Can You Participate?

The PAG will seek members who will be on-boarded in Spring 2024 and serve their terms from Fall 2024 until Spring 2025. 

We invite you to learn more about the Reimagined PAG, including group representation, roles and responsibilities, and calendar of meetings, and consider applying to be a member. The application deadline is February 23, 2024

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email

Thank you for your consideration and ongoing commitment to our Emerson community and the values of equity, access, and social justice.


Jay M. Bernhardt, President
Shaya Gregory Poku, Vice President for Equity & Social Justice

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