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7 Tips to Create Wellness Habits, As Learned at the Self-Care Fair

A sandwich sign that says: Self-Care Fair Today
Photo/Emma Siebold

Whether it’s making shower scents, designing buttons, or claiming affirmations, self-care comes in many forms. 

At the Self-Care Fair hosted by the Emerson Wellness Center on January 31, students had the opportunity to practice different forms of care and learn how different organizations on campus promote wellness.  

Someone's hands are seen with markers at a table
Markers and art supplies were supplied at the Self-Care Fair to make buttons and affirmations. Photo/Emma Siebold

Emerson offers many resources across many organizations and departments to help students with mental health. Here are some tips and resources on how students can take care of themselves on campus. (Psst… most of these tips work for faculty and staff too).

Stay on Top of Academics

“The Office of Academic Advising can help students find academic resources, manage workloads and navigate the often distressing graduation process,” said Kyle Johnson, Assistant Director of Academic Advising.  

Resources: Academic Advisors, Advising Services

Take Time For Mindfulness

“Having a space to be mindful and open can be beneficial for students’ well-being,” said Amber Hai, Muslim Chaplain and Advisor at the Center for Spiritual Life. The Center for Spiritual Life offers spiritual counseling, meditation spaces and other resources for mindfulness. 

Resources: Meditation/Prayer Spaces, Mindfulness Practices, Healing and Advocacy Collective

Stay Active

“All students have access to Emerson’s fitness center, and we offer tours and introductions for first-timers,” said Fitness and Recreation Coordinator William Baldwin. Physical activity has proven to help with symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve sleep and manage stress. 

Resources: Yoga and Stretches, Workouts of the Week

Financial Stability and Wellness

More than 90 percent of Americans found money to be a source of stress, according to a survey from Thriving Wallet. Both the Office of Student Success and the Financial Wellness Program can assist students with budgeting, affording their education and seeking financial assistance.

“Students can practice financial wellness by budgeting, making lists of needs and wants, and being mindful of spending,” said Alex Pacheco, MA ’25, of the Office of Student Success. 

Resources: Financial Counseling, Student Assistance Fund, Financial Wellness Platform

Supplies to make shower scents at a table with two people at the table
Fair participants were welcome to make their own shower scents, which can be relaxing to use. Photo/Emma Siebold

Counseling is Helpful

“Knowing where to go for different resources can help students emotionally,” said Lena Shapiro,  Department Coordinator of the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO). When practicing self-care, it is important to seek out resources that make you feel safe and comfortable. OEO addresses instances of discrimination, harassment and sexual violence within the Emerson community. 

The Wellness Center offers counseling alongside their health services, such as short-term therapy and substance abuse therapy. 

Resources: One-on-One Counseling, Report a Concern, Discrimination Policy, Counseling FAQs

Get a Jump on Career Planning 

“It’s never too early for students to start doing their career ‘homework’,” said Ryan Smith, Associate Director of Undergraduate Career Services. The Career Development Center hosts events and workshops, such as the upcoming LinkedIn workshop on February 5, to help students feel better prepared and at ease with their career goals. 

Resources: Career Counseling, Handshake

Find Community and Get Involved

“Getting involved in organizations and finding creative communities can be beneficial to students’ wellness,” said Jennifer Nival, Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) Director. It is important though, Nival said, to manage your time and not take on too much at once. A positive sense of community can help promote good mental health. 

The Office of Intercultural Student Affairs can also help students foster a sense of community, with multiple programs and resources on getting involved with different cultural groups on campus.  

Resources: EmConnect, Cultural Center

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