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Kimball on How Polling Works, Trends Among Young Voters, and Third Party Candidates: RealClearPolitics Podcast

Emerson College Polling Director and Associate Professor Spencer Kimball joined RealClearPolitics president and co-founder Tom Bevan on its inaugural podcast to talk about how polling works, the impact of third party candidates and more.

Kimball detailed how Emerson Polling creates surveys that accurately reflect public opinion:

What we don’t want is a question that is going to impact the answer. One thing we have to consider is what mode of data collection are we going to use? Are we going to call people? Text message? Send them emails? And how do we get their contact information? In states like Indiana or Montana, you can’t use ‘Interactive Voice Response (IVR)’ polling, that’s automated data collection where you use touch-tone keys to answer surveys. In other states, text messaging is becoming prohibited. Each state has different rules that might impact what we’re allowed to use.

Listen and watch the podcast on RealClearPolitics.

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