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100-Year-Old Emersonian Still a Fixture at Boylston Street Shop: Boston Globe

Many Emersonians know the consignment shop, Bartevian Inc, on Boylston Street. But how many of us know that the store’s owner, 100-year-old Patricia Bartevian ’44, is also an alum?

Bartevian turned 100 on September 23, and she continues to open up the shop just like she has for years, and like she did during six days a week during the pandemic, writes Maeve Lawler ’25 for The Boston Globe.

She used to run the shop with her sister, Priscilla, who also attended Emerson, but she passed in 2006. After World War II, the sisters performed as The Hickory Sisters at clubs in Massachusetts and then in Los Angeles.

Bartevian provided advice on how to live a long life.

Bartevian, who was never married, said the key to living long is to avoid red meat, eat plenty of vegetables, and exercise. She also advises people to “love, respect, and help everybody.”

Read the rest of the article in The Boston Globe.

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