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Riley on Why Vanna Should Be Sajak’s Replacement as Wheel of Fortune Host: CBS

Tim Riley headshot
Tim Riley

Journalism associate professor, graduate program director and pop culture pundit Tim Riley spoke with CBS Boston’s Juli McDonald ’09 about Ryan Seacrest being named as the replacement of longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak, who is retiring after 41 years.

Riley suggested that fellow co-host Vanna White could’ve been named host instead of Seacrest.

Does anyone think Vanna White couldn’t host that show? Of course she could host that show. We’re talking about another privileged white male, taking over a privileged white male. It’s the same old story. They went through this with Jeopardy. They could’ve easily upstaged Jeopardy: hired a female, hired a person of color. They would’ve made huge news and it would’ve been transformative.

Read the article on CBS Boston.

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