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Riley on Music Journalism’s Future: Music Journalism Insider

Journalism associate professor, graduate program director, and music critic Tim Riley spoke to a trade publication recently about what is next for music journalism, increasing diversity in the field, and the industry in general.

It’s embattled for sure right now but like journalism itself, with demand exploding at every turn. Those bean counters will get the monetizing side done, they always do. We just have to stomp on them repeatedly about the greed and inequity, they basically want to funnel as much money upwards as possible and impoverish their customers. They’ll end up with zero customers. Rapacious late-phase capitalism has turned very dreary since Reagan, who can never get blamed enough, but at least everybody’s talking about it and the problem has a transparency almost as if it’s French Revolution times. But I’m sure it’s felt like this before, and the young turks coming up have a lot to teach us.

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