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Exciting Opportunity for Emerson and the City of Boston

Dear members of the Emerson community,

I’m writing today to share some exciting news for Emerson College in conjunction with the City of Boston, and in partnership with Trillium Brewing Company. Recently, Emerson was selected by the City of Boston to complete a new project to animate and activate the corner of the Boston Common closest to the Boylston/Tremont Streets intersection, nearest our campus. 

As you know, the College has long sought to make our campus and this corner of the Common a destination for not only students and members of our community, but also for residents and visitors to Boston. The importance of civic engagement is core to Emerson’s values and this new project to enliven the Boston Common aligns with the College’s community efforts.

For this project, the College will create an outdoor seasonal gathering space, providing an opportunity to showcase Emerson-curated entertainment and programming, while its partner, Trillium Brewing Company, will create Trillium Garden on the Common to accompany the new performance space.

The College believes that a curated celebration of music, film, comedy, and live DJs with a daily lineup of local arts groups will engage the community, and provide a focal point for shared cultural experiences. The opening of this new space will further create a platform for Emerson-based groups and other creatives to perform on a regular basis. 

This new space will also provide locals and visitors a chance to experience the vibrant arts culture within the city, fostering cultural diversity, civic pride and simultaneously bringing attention to Emerson College and its artistic community. When live performance is not available Emerson’s radio station WERS may provide foundational engagement of the space. In addition, Trillium will supplement programming with regular activations from a diverse group of partners including local artists, musicians, fitness classes, and literary events.

Trillium, which has operated Trillium Garden on the Greenway for seven years, will bring its experience to the operations of the food and beverage services at this new venue. Trillium plans to offer patrons a variety of beer, seltzer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages all produced in Massachusetts.

The launch date for this new space is currently scheduled for May 1 and will be open through November 1.

We look forward to working with our partners and our community to bring this exciting project to fruition in the months ahead.

William Gilligan
Interim President

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