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House: An Alternate Way to Educate on Black Political History: The Hill

Associate professor in American Studies Roger House wrote an opinion piece about a potential response to the recent news that the Florida Department of Education will not implement a pilot AP course on African American Studies.

House says an African-focused political history calendar is an alternate way to educate on Black political history.

As such, the Black political history calendar would be a useful tool for restoring the legacy of state management and instilling the value of political participation. It could be a low-cost way to respond to orchestrated assaults on inclusive learning as the struggle to devise racially affirming curriculums continues.

The Black political history calendar could be one informal response to what appears to be a closing door to inclusive education in Florida. As the struggle over school curriculums — and libraries — rages across the country, educators and cultural producers should weigh the merits of alternative methods for informal online learning.

Read the opinion piece in The Hill.

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