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Launching the Emerson Wellness Center

Dear Emerson Community Members:

We are now Emerson Wellness Center!

Why did we merge?  

17 members of the Emerson Wellness Center stand on stairs

Over the past two years, the Center for Health and Wellness and Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services have been working on launching our department into the future of collegiate healthcare. This vision started with our Vice President and Dean of Campus Life Jim Hoppe, who decided to take the leap into creating an integrated health center. Brandin Dear was hired as the Associate Dean and Director of Counseling, Health, and Wellness. Brandin’s vision has been to create a welcoming environment for students, to support his staff in their work, and to build meaningful partnerships within the Emerson community.

Why Emerson Wellness Center? 
We decided to uplift Wellness in our name because we want to be intentional about focusing on the well-being of our students from a holistic approach. Our mission is to provide inclusive, accessible, and comprehensive services to Emerson students. We strive to empower students to actively engage in their well-being and healthy decision-making. In providing the community with tools, we hope to create a culture that supports and promotes wellness within the Emerson community.

What do we offer?

New Initiatives

A chart of the Dimensions of Student Wellness at Emerson College

Wellness Dimensions:

We believe wellness is holistic and multidimensional; positive and affirming; and inclusive. All dimensions of wellness need our attention for us to fully succeed. At Emerson, we recognize 12 dimensions and highlight these topics throughout the year. 

We are happy to introduce EmWell, an additional mental health support option for Emerson College students. Emwell includes a 24/7 support line, free counseling sessions (telehealth or in-person), and a wellness hub that includes mental health & wellness articles, free Headspace membership, Silvercloud CBT modules, videos and more. 

Emergency Contraception Vending Machine:
We value and support the reproductive rights of our Emerson students.  EWC is excited to offer the Emergency Contraception Vending Machine conveniently located in the Little Building Mailroom with 24/7 access. $10 per pack with cash and $10.10 with credit card. The machine will be available on January 31st.

New Reproductive and Gynecologic Health Webpage:
Our new Reproductive and Gynecologic Health webpage provides a central location of reproductive and gynecological services provided at health services including birth control options, STI testing, management of pelvic symptoms, and routine cervical cancer screening (also known as PAP tests). A directory of local community resources is also available.

The staff of the Emerson Wellness Center

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