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Harris ’16 Goes From Writing About and For ‘Gossip Girl,’ to Acting on Show

Hunter Harris
Hunter Harris ’16

Hunter Harris ’16 has had an amazing Gossip Girl ride the last two years.

In June 2021, Harris wrote an on-set profile of the reboot’s cast as a freelancer for Vulture. Then she got an amazing opportunity to write for the second season of the show on HBO Max. And then, just like a television plot line, she was cast to play herself in a cameo on Gossip Girl.

Harris spoke with Yahoo about her introduction to film production at Emerson College, how it wasn’t what she was looking for at the time, but that writing for TV always interested her.

“I don’t think I’m alone in this, like everyone else, I wanted to be Nora Ephron when I grew up. The trajectory from writing for New York magazine to writing for movies was always a dream of mine. I went to Emerson College and I started as a Writing for Film and Television major. Basically, I took one film production course and was like, ‘Just kidding!'” said Harris.

Along with writing for Gossip Girl, she also has a very popular Substack newsletter, Hung Up, which is “about pop culture, music, movies and Martin Scorsese not wearing his glasses anymore.” She includes essays, interviews, gossip, and lots of “cool stuff you want to share with your friends.”

Read more of her interview on Yahoo.

Also, check out Hunter Harris on Emerson’s Making It Big in 30 Minutes Podcast


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