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‘Noteworthy’ 20th Anniversary Concert Honors Former Musical Director

Check out the photo gallery of the concert below. All photos courtesy of Joanna Toppan ’03.

The a cappella group Noteworthy celebrated its 20th anniversary in a concert dedicated in the memory of their former musical director Matt Starring.

Held at the Cutler Majestic Theatre on November 12, Noteworthy alumni sang a medley of songs, as well as a reading of Starring’s original play Beast. Noteworthy alums also wore red Chuck Taylor sneakers in honor of Starring, which was a staple of his wardrobe. Starring passed away in 2009 at 23 after a three-year battle with leukemia.

Noteworthy alumni and current members performing in the concert include:

Sarah Phan (Ventre) ’04, Ben Fuller ’04, Bill O’Connell ’05, Erin Riley ’05,
Dara Centonze ’05, Sarah Jane Baptiste (Yurek) ’05, Cait Reid Layne ’06,
Warren O’Reilly ’06, Jeff Chouinard ’06, Chris Saphire ’06, Mike Wright ’06,
Jeff Marcus ’07, Justin Perez ’07, Rita O’Connell ’08.

Clayton Childs ’11, Beth Stafford Laird ’11, Naveed Easton ’12, Stephen Selnick ’12, Courtney Swift ’13, Sophie Bell ’13, Maria Pulcinella ’13, Emily Frachtling ’13,
Mary Cate Mannion ’13, Dane Shubert ’13, Celia Lechtman ’15, Maureen Corbett ’16, Joey Sack ’17, Kendall Olsen ’17, Suzie Hicks ’18, Swetha Amaresan ’21, Jakob Cooper ’21, Alexa McAvoy ’22, Ella Ward ’22.

Current Group members: Jenna Goz, Allie Witek, Marco Giacona, Lucas Babcock,
Austin Hand, Jake Apitz, Lilly Whelan, Mora Walker, Max Robertson, Evelyn Alumbreros, Katie Culloden, Erich Phelps, Chad Fruscione, Lucy Negronhall,
Laura Lucenamontes, Dakota Frye, Miranda Taylor, Sophia Rodrique, Jason Korn,
Nathan Manakger, Leo Kagen.

  • One man sits while the other stands with an arm around the first
  • A woman sings
  • A cappella group Noteworthy pose backstage
  • Five people stand with arms behind each other
  • Two women smile for a photo
  • A photo from the balcony of the Majestic Theatre
  • Three people stand together
  • A man sings while a group sings backup behind him
  • A woman sings
  • A group lifts their hands in the air after cheering
  • People sing on stage
  • Three people pose together
  • Two people sing on stage
  • Two people on stage
  • A woman sings
  • The feet of performers showing red Chuck Taylor shoes
  • A woman sings
  • A woman sings
  • A woman sings
  • A woman smiles on stage
  • A balcony photo of performers on stage
  • A woman sings
  • A person sings on stage
  • Two women smile backstage
  • A person sings on stage
  • A group of people sing on stage
  • Performers have their arms behind each other on stage
  • People perform on stage with four little kids sitting on stage
  • A man sings
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