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Introducing the Social Justice Collaborative

Reprinted from the November 15 SJC Newsletter

Dear Emerson Community Members,

Over the last several months, the staff within the Elma Lewis Center, the Healing & Advocacy Collective, and the Social Justice Center have been pondering the importance of words to accurately represent the intersectional work we do together and with campus and community partners. 

After a period of intentional and increasingly deeper reflection, we’ve decided to name our collective approach for what it truly is: a Social Justice Collaborative

We believe this renaming signals an important moment to recognize the ways we work in partnership with each other, with Emerson, with the Boston community, and beyond. 

Collectively, the Elma Lewis Center, Healing & Advocacy Collective, the new HIVE (Hub for Inclusive Visionary Engagement—learn more below), and the Office of the Vice President for Equity & Social Justice will be known as the Social Justice Collaborative, working expansively with campus and community partners to deepen access, healing, and liberatory social justice practices. 

Shaya Gregory Poku, Emerson’s new VP for Equity and Social Justice, believes that silos and apathy in organizations are among the most dangerous threats to equality, and that collective work and responsibility is our path to address these issues. We look forward to continuing this important work with Shaya.

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