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Newman on Digital Platforms and the Future: Pew Research Center

Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies associate professor Russell Newman contributed to a “Visions of the Internet 2035: Imagine a better world online,” report in which technology experts reflect on the medium’s future.

Russell stated (in part):

I hope we will have developed not just policies but entirely new schools of thought so that we can rethink our relationships with communication, with politics, with our economy and with our ecology. I imagine new schools of thought that supersede antitrust as a solution, simultaneously developing policies that address the very real material needs whose lack provides openings for ‘culture warriors’ to wedge us apart, with public subsidization of experiments directed toward the betterment of democratic discourse as opposed to simply the fomenting of new markets; and maybe we find new uses for markets within a more just framework in which markets serve as means instead of ends.

Read the Pew Research report.

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