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House on NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams & Pushcart Permits: Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Journalism associate professor Roger House wrote an op ed regarding New York City mayor hopeful Eric Adams and the implications that 4,000 new pushcart licenses may have on the city’s Black community and small businesses if he is elected this fall.

A reasonable argument could be made that if any constituency has a claim to a share of the new licenses, it should be the Black community. Eric Adams might consider ways to partner with uplift organizations like the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance – touted by President Obama for giving young men the confidence to navigate employment challenges and stereotypes over crime.

In closing, Eric Adams is part of a new generation of Black political leaders in the city. Together, they should endorse a more inclusive system of pushcart license regulation and allocation as part of a broader campaign for the economic development of their community.

Read the Brooklyn Daily Eagle piece.

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