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Weekend Move-in Update: Inclement Weather

Dear students,

We are writing this message to students who have a scheduled Move-In date of Sunday, August 22nd due to predicted inclement weather this weekend. We are excited about your arrival to campus, and want to share some information about the impact of this inclement weather Move-In this weekend. 

Current weather forecasts indicate that Tropical Storm Henri could become a hurricane and hit the Boston metro area midday Sunday with the potential for heavy rain, strong wind, and area flooding. With this in mind ,we are providing you with some options regarding Move-In dates and times.

The move in plan for Sunday remains the same. If you are able to travel to campus safely, the College will be prepared for your arrival. The staff at the Emerson Testing Center has notified us that they plan to be open, and any changes to this status will be communicated via Emerson email. 

We will be ready for you to arrive on Sunday, August 22, 2021. Due to predicted weather conditions, if possible, we are asking that you attempt to arrive between 8AM and 12PM:

  • All testing procedures remain in place. Please follow the directions you received in the email sent on Thursday, August 19. 
  • The testing center will remain open until 6:00PM
  • For international students who are flying into the U.S. or domestic students flying into Boston, we understand that your flight arrival time is outside of your control, and that flight schedules may change due to the storm. If your flight will arrive later in the day and you do not believe you will make it to the testing center before 6PM, please contact

What if I can’t arrive on Sunday? 

If you are unable to arrive Sunday due to the inclement weather, you can arrive on Monday, August 23, 2021. If you do this, we ask that you:

  • Arrive during the time you were previously scheduled to move-in on Sunday. For example, if you were scheduled to arrive at 9AM on Sunday, please plan to arrive at 9AM on Monday. 
  • Follow all testing protocols and policies.

What if I arrive on Sunday, but outside of testing hours? 

For anyone arriving outside testing center hours, we first encourage you to seek local accommodations and report to the testing center on Monday prior to move-in. A list of local hotels can be found here:

What if I can’t stay at a local hotel? 

If staying at a hotel is not an option for Sunday, August 22, you will be permitted to report directly to your room and immediately begin the Stay-in-Room Policy (Read more about this below). On Monday, you MUST immediately report to the Emerson Testing Center to complete your arrival test.

What is going to happen with the Pre-Orientation programs (i.e., International, Student of Color)? 

For those of you arriving on Sunday, August 22 to attend International Pre-Orientation or Student of Color Pre-Orientation, our staff is reviewing all orientation events to make sure they can still occur safely. Any modifications to orientation events or locations will be communicated to your Emerson email account. Rest assured, we will still be ready to welcome you to campus!

What if I need to change my arrival day or I need to discuss my plan with someone?

If you must change your arrival day or time and need to talk to someone, please email

What is a Stay-in-Room Policy? 

After your designated 2 hour move-in time, you will be required to adhere to a Stay-in-Room Policy until your test results are returned, which typically occurs in under 48 hours. (Note, if you are a student who has an approved vaccine exemption or extension, the Stay-in-Room Policy is still in effect for the first 7 days that you are on campus).  The purpose of this policy is to limit mobility and interaction of individuals around campus, allowing us to establish a “bubble” within the Emerson community, similar to the bubble developed each semester in the 2020-2021 academic year. During the Stay-in-Room period, students should be in their room except when they are:

  • Going to the dining center or an off-campus dining establishment to pick up a to-go meal. Meals should be consumed in the student room or outside, socially distant. 
  • Picking up a package or mail from the mailroom in the Little Building
  • Going to and from the Emerson Testing Center for your required COVID testing
  • Going to a designated medical appointment
  • Leaving your room to go outside for fresh air or exercise independently.
  • Face coverings/masks must be worn whenever the student is outside of their room/apartment, even when outdoors. 

During this time, you are not permitted to visit any other rooms or allow students to visit your room, or socialize in the lounges. You are not allowed to have any guests in your space, or visit any other residence halls on campus. You should not be accessing other buildings besides your residence hall, the dining area, the mail room, and the testing center. 

We thank you in advance for your compliance and cooperation adhering to this policy and apologize for any inconvenience this change creates.  

Can I arrive early on Saturday, August 21?

Unfortunately, arriving early on Saturday August 21, is not an option. 

How can I best prepare?

Please watch the weather forecast and make your plans accordingly. You can come prepared with snacks, flashlights, and bedding as needed. Please note that depending on the size and scope of the storm, stores may have reduced or limited supplies and hours. 

For additional information on storm preparedness please visit: and for State issued information and guidance. 

Please remember that your safety remains the highest priority — we will work with you to adjust your arrival plans as needed so that you can get here safely. 

Safe Travels!


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