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Newman on DuckDuckGo, Privacy, & Email: TechNewsWorld

Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies associate professor and communications policy expert Russell Newman spoke to TechNewsWorld about the internet search engine and consumer privacy advocate DuckDuckGo, that launched a new feature called Email Protection, and its implications. The feature is designed to prevent trackers from using consumers’ email addresses.

This is part of an arms race. As soon as an entity like DuckDuckGo creates a wall, folks start constructing ladders to get over the wall.

We’re all being given these new tools that kind of give us a bit of control, he added, but it’s a form of control that’s really quite minimal and not really the answer to the broader question about privacy that we’re facing right now, which is should this data be collected in the first place.

Read the TechNewsWorld piece.

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