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Information: Booking Campus Space This Fall

Good afternoon,

As we approach the Fall 2021 semester, we are now able to start accepting booking requests for many spaces on campus. At this time, we are anticipating most meeting and function spaces will be available in some form, and with pre-COVID capacity limits, meaning that most in-person events can be held.  

Important Things to Note

  • Meeting and Event Requests should be submitted via Spacebook (  
  • Only departments (and affiliated student organizations) will be able to submit space requests for meetings or events until classes start.
  • This process will include booking requests for the Student Performance Center (SPC)
    • Requests will be able to be submitted online, for a limited time, until August 22 for early booking consideration.
    • We understand the need for large event space, particularly at the start of the year, however we anticipate only being able to support “low impact” events between August 16 through October 1 as we hire and train student staff on these new venues. Requests will be accommodated as able.
    • Any dates in the SPC that are not utilized after this booking process will be made available as part of a Phase 3 to all event programmers, groups, departments, and individuals at the beginning of the Fall semester on Wednesday, August 31, at 9:00 am.
  • The Bordy Auditorium and Beard Room will only be able to be requested for Friday-Sunday due to academic classes taking place in those spaces Monday-Thursday
    • Weekend requests for the Bordy will require a chargeback to your departmental account, at $30 an hour for a minimum of 4 hours, for opening the building and security staffing, and must be submitted 2 weeks in advance.
  • Some venues – such as those in the SPC, the Bordy, the Beard Room, and others – will require advanced submission and approval before a booking will be accepted.
    • Notifications on Spacebook for each venue will outline those requirements.
  • Additional spaces may become available in the future, such as some academic classrooms or other special venues like the Lion’s Den.
  • Due to the limited number of larger venues on campus, we do anticipate increased demand and competition for space. We advise that you take this into consideration when planning your requests, and if some meetings or events can be held virtually, to consider that as an option.
  • Emerson is providing this information based on its current plans, and in accordance with health and safety information currently available. Emerson may, in its discretion, or under direction of government or health authorities, change plans regarding modalities of courses or activities, and physical access to any facilities.

If you have any questions about using Spacebook, please refer to the How To Guide, or email

We look forward to having you all back on campus.

Josh Hamlin
Director for Campus Centers

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