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COVID19 Update: Important Reminders Before You Travel to Campus


As you prepare to travel to Boston, please keep in mind these important reminders:

Testing at home and travel to campus/symptoms prior to travel: Should you take a COVID-19 test prior to your travel to Boston, please note: 

  • That test will not release you from the College’s requirements for baseline testing upon arrival. 
  • DO NOT travel to Boston until you receive your results. If they are positive, please reach out to the Center for Health and Wellness (see below)
  • If you are experiencing ANY COVID-19 symptoms you must NOT travel to Boston, but seek medical guidance where you are. 

If you have recently been exposed to a person that has tested positive for COVID-19, do not travel to campus until you receive clearance to leave quarantine at your current location.

  • If a member of your household is symptomatic and/or awaiting COVID-19 test results, do not travel to Boston.

If you have tested positive since leaving campus in November, you need to send a copy of that lab test result to so that it can be recorded. Per CDC guidance, you will not test again for 90 days from that positive date. 

If you live in campus housing and your travel is impacted by one of the above situations, please contact to amend your travel date and time.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we start the spring term,

Erik Muurisepp
AVP, Campus Life 

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