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Presidential Working Group Second Draft Recommendations

Dear members of the Emerson Community:

Please find linked here a revised set of Draft Recommendations from the Presidential Working Group (PWG), established by President Pelton in September 2019 to review the programs and procedures related to the College’s handling of power-based interpersonal incidents among students. The first draft was posted for community feedback last spring, and this second draft is the result of our consideration of that feedback and further discussions with campus stakeholders.

Online response to these revised recommendations is invited, as is participation in a Community Forum webinar that the Working Group is holding on Friday, December 4, from 12:30-1:30PM EST. The password for the webinar (should you need it) is: PWGForum.

Final recommendations will be delivered to President Pelton by the end of the calendar year.

Jan Roberts-Breslin and Amy Ansell
PWG Co-Chairs

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