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Norman Lear Says It’s ‘The Return of My America’

Emerson College alum Norman Lear ’44 said in the 98 years of his life, he’s never experienced a more joyous morning than hearing that former Vice President Joe Biden will be the country’s next president.

“The last four years have been empty of leadership. If the Oval Office was occupied at all, it was by an oaf, an animal. Thank God they are almost over,” said Lear.

Lear was also critical of Trump’s unwillingness to concede.

“Our transfer of power is the very essence of our democracy and is the political gift of gifts,” said Lear.  

Lear said that the country can become unified by following Biden. The entertainment industry, specifically television can also helps.

“When people laugh together, they laugh as One,” said Lear.

Lear has always been very politically minded and active, and his embracing of the country has been exhibited in countless ways.

In 2001, Lear and his wife, Lyn, purchased one of the first published copies of the Declaration of Independence for $8.1 million, according to wikipedia. He wanted to tour the document across the country for anyone to see; it has visited several presidential libraries, dozens of museums, the 2002 Olympics, Super Bowl XXXVI, and more. The copy was eventually sold to a private individual.

Among organizations Lear founded was Declare Yourself, a national nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign created to empower and encourage eligible 18- to 29-year-olds in the U.S. to register and vote. It has registered millions of young people.

Other well-known alums shared their feelings about the election results.

Adele Lim ’96 thought about her role as a mom.

Fellow alum Denis Leary ’79 had his feelings about waiting for election results.

Henry Winkler ’67, among other tweets, had a simple message for the country.

Mario Cantone ’82 thanked Nevada voters and shared a pic of himself.

Jade Catta-Preta ’07 took to the water to celebrate.

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