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ONE EMERSON VIDEO: How’s This Semester Going to Work?

As you start to make your way back to campus, most of you for the first time since March (!), you’re going to be returning to an Emerson that’s in many ways familiar, and in some important ways, not at all what you’re accustomed to. And for new students, who are arriving on campus now, all of it is brand new.

So how’s it going to work? These videos will show you how.

And don’t forget, you can find answers to lots of your questions about the fall semester on the One Emerson Knowledge Center, including a searchable FAQ, or refer back to messages from Campus Life for good info.

First things first: You’re gonna need a face covering. Seven to 10, actually. And you’re gonna want them to make a statement. And that statement is, “I’m someone who cares about the health and wellbeing of my fellow Emersonians, my fellow Bostonians, and the world.”

For more info, including acceptable types, see One Emerson: Face Covering Details.

When you arrive on campus (or, for off-campus students, whenever your assigned date/time is) you’ll head over to Tufts Medical Center to take your baseline COVID-19 test (Emerson students get their own special testing site). This is also where you’ll take your weekly COVID test throughout the semester.

Once you’ve gotten a negative test result, you’ll be free to strap on your face covering and move about campus. There are some new rules of engagement when it comes to moving from room to room and floor to floor. Let’s just say the Walker Elevator Experience (trademark pending) will be very, very, very different from what you’re used to.

Also, if you really want to bone up on navigation, we have detailed floor plans.

In-person classes start on September 2. Bad News: No eating granola bars in class. Good News: No listening to guy behind you eating granola bars in class.

What’s the common denominator in all these videos (apart from high-quality production values and snappy-yet-informative narration)? Yep! Six feet between you and everyone around you. Because you care.

This semester is going to be different, but we’re all in this together, because we’re all One Emerson.

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