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Alum Hunter Harris Writes Cover for Cosmopolitan on Keke Palmer and Black Lives Matter

Alum Hunter Harris wrote the cover story for Cosmopolitan’s August issue featuring actress, TV personality, and singer Keke Palmer, who discusses activism and the Black Lives Matter movement. Protesting the George Floyd murder was not the first for Palmer; she traveled to Ferguson, Missouri after the 2014 killing of Michael Brown. When asked what feels different about THIS protest, she said:

Of course no one wanted the coronavirus pandemic to happen, but I think quarantine allowed us to be more reflective. Maybe before, we’d be able to gloss over it because of work. It’s also been a buildup: There have been so many names turned into hashtags, so much pain. It blows me away because our language has progressed—I don’t mean specifically Black people. I mean young people, millennials. Naming white supremacy, saying that out loud. When I heard “defund the police,” I’m like, Oh, s***. We actually could do that.

Read the Cosmopolitan article.

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