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Pelton on Youth Leading End to Racism: CBS Boston

President Lee Pelton was a guest on CBS Boston’s series Boston Voices, discussing systemic racism and the nation’s youth playing a powerful role in its eradication. Their activism is strengthened by their use of social media to organize marches and protests. “I’m often asked if this is the moment, and what I’ve come to understand is, no this is not the moment, this is a movement,” he says.

Pelton also addresses the wealth and opportunity gap in Boston, and that “defunding police” is the reallocation of resources to social services; not elimination of the entity.

It’s not the kind of civil rights movement we saw in the 1960s with distinguished leaders, adult leaders, but this is a movement that’s being fueled by young people. They bring to this issue a fierce urgency and idealism. Young people are always prospective, looking forward, and they want it done now.

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