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In Solidarity with Our International Students

Dear members of the Emerson community,

You have no doubt been following the news from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, regarding new restrictions on international students who study at US colleges and universities. Indeed, we’re hearing from many of you in strong support of our international students.

Let me be clear, Emerson College stands in solidarity with our international students. We were deeply disturbed and angered by the recent guidance, which places unfair and xenophobic restrictions on international students. Rest assured that we will work with academic coalitions vigorously to oppose these actions.

As we work toward launching One Emerson Flex Learning this fall, we have continued to keep our international students at the forefront of our thinking and planning. Emerson’s international students are integral to our diverse community, and we remain steadfast in ensuring Emerson is a welcoming place where students of all backgrounds may engage fully and successfully in their pursuit of knowledge and learning.

We believe that most of our Fall Term reopening Flex Learning programs will work well for international students. International students who participate in Emerson’s hybrid Flex Learning program will be able to study in Boston and Emerson Los Angeles for the Fall 2020 Term. Students who select to remain abroad will be able to enroll in Emerson online courses or enroll in person in one of our global partner programs.

On the other hand, students at colleges and universities who have opted to have only online courses in the Fall Term will not—under the updated federal regulations—be allowed to study in the United States.

Nonetheless, we continue to work to assess how we can continue to provide the best support for our students—no matter which Emerson program they select. The Office of International Student Affairs is reaching out to international students to provide immigration support, and we will continue to communicate information as it becomes available.

This issue is most likely to be settled in the courts. Maura Healey, Massachusetts Attorney General, has said that “this is just another cruel (& illegal) attempt by the Trump Admin & ICE to stir up uncertainty & punish immigrants. Our state is home to thousands of international students who shouldn’t fear deportation or health risks in order to get an education. We will sue.”

Additionally, Emerson will join Harvard, MIT, and other colleges and universities seeking relief from these regulations.

Lee Pelton

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