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Gellman on Violence in Mexico Amidst COVID-19: Revista

Mneesha Gellman, an associate professor of political science, writes for Revista about her research, as she recently spent time in Mexico as a Fulbright Garcia-Robles Scholar this past spring. Gellman’s research for the past few years compares the politics of education for indigenous high school-aged students in Oaxaca, Mexico, to those in northern California. Her current work includes focus on the school Bachillerato Integral Comunitario Numero Uno (BIC1) in Oaxaca’s Sierra Juárez mountain range.

The formal K-12 education sector in Mexico is riddled with problems. It is corrupt, it isn’t educating to the degree it should, and it certainly hasn’t fulfilled the promise of bilingual, intercultural education for indigenous children that it lays out on paper. In fact, formal education systems in Mexico and the United States perpetuate culturecide, and curricular shake-ups like indigenous language access are a means of resistance.

Read the article in Revista: Harvard Review of Latin America.

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