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Emerson Students and Families Need Our Help

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Emerson is a tight community, and when one needs help – with an audition, a research paper, a job search, or a personal problem — there’s no shortage of fellow students, faculty, staff, or alumni who will jump in and do what they can.

As COVID-19 closes businesses and puts people out of work, many current Emerson students will need financial help in order to return to classes in the fall. On May 5, Emerson is participating in Giving Tuesday Now, a global day of giving created as an emergency response to the enormous need caused by the pandemic.  

Give to the Student & Family Crisis Relief Fund

“Now more than ever, they need to know that you’re there for them,” said Ruthanne Madsen, Vice President of Enrollment Management. “That you understand that in this critical time, they are part of an important community that takes care of each other and will work hard to ensure continuity during interruptions and normalcy in chaotic times.”

On Giving Tuesday Now, Emerson is reaching out the community and asking them to give to the Student & Family Crisis Relief Fund, which will allow students to continue their Emerson education and provide financial relief to students and families impacted by COVID-19.

“You’re not just funding an institution, you’re giving us a chance to challenge ourselves and really find our passion again and fulfill that,” said Sienna Watras Dimuro ’23, a Media Arts Production major featured in “Impact at Emerson,” a short video about how scholarships change students’ lives and enrich Emerson as a whole.

Anania Williams ’22, is a Musical Theatre major.

“I think, because there are people who have dreams and don’t get to follow them because of money, it’s a lot of wasted talent, it’s a lot of wasted intelligence,” Williams said.

“I think my future is a lot brighter, and now I can see it. I can see it too, which I didn’t think I would a couple of years ago.”

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