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Accessing the Writing and Academic Resource Center

Dear Students:

The Writing and Academic Resource Center (WARC) will provide continuity of its academic support through online platforms for the remainder of the semester. As usual, you can make your own appointments with all consultants and peer tutors online at WARC professional staff can interface with you remotely in a variety of ways, including through phone appointments, online teleconferencing, and via email. Please review the following resources and strongly consider accessing any that will help you succeed during this challenging semester. If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information, please contact Matt Phelan or one of the relevant Directors listed below.

Appointments for individual assessment

If you would like to discuss what support would be beneficial for you for the remainder of the semester, you can make an appointment with Matt Phelan via email ( You should also make an appointment if you find yourself struggling or are unsure what is in your best interests at any given time.

Appointments related to time management and study strategies

If you are concerned with managing your time in relation to your online courses, you should make an appointment with Jodi Burrel, Associate Director of Academic Support, via email ( Students work with Jodi to address specific time management, reading, or study strategies.

Appointments related to international student support

Tyler McPeek, Associate Director of International Student Support, can help you with issues related to ELL, cultural challenges, and meeting your academic expectations in the current semester. You can make an appointment with Tyler via email (

Appointments with Writing Consultants (WCs)

These appointments address any phase of the writing process including deconstructing a prompt, brainstorming, outlining, creating a thesis, revising, reviewing the final draft before submission for grammar/mechanics, use of research and citation, etc. You can make appointments with the WCs online. For questions related to online writing consultations, you can contact the Writing Center Coordinator, Stephen Shane (

Appointments with Academic Success Consultants (ASCs)

These appointments address time management, setting goals around academic work to meet deadlines, facilitating timely completion of assignments and projects, etc. These appointments can be ongoing if needed. You can make an appointment an ASC online.

Appointments with English Language Learning Consultants (ELLs)

These appointments focus on language enhancement in the context of written and oral coursework for international students and those for whom English is not their first language. You can make an appointment with an ELL online.

Appointments with Peer Tutors

This service is designed to provide undergraduate student peer-to-peer content tutoring in a fixed number of high-demand courses. You can make appointments with Peer Tutors directly by email to schedule one-on-one online appointments. Please see the Peer Tutor List for our current tutors and supported courses.The WARC is committed to helping students fulfill their academic expectations during this challenging semester!

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