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Marlboro Students Get Firsthand Look at Emerson with Campus Visit

A man and woman laugh while she holds a box with drinking glasses
Marlboro College student Leopold Fleming, left, Maureen Hurley, Director of Parent and Family Programs, share a laugh while Hurley hands out free glasses. Photo/David Ertischek ’01

By David Ertischek ’01

On Valentine’s Day, Marlboro College students, their parents, and the school’s faculty had the opportunity to tour the Emerson campus, talk with academic staff, and student resource departments.

Christie Anglade, Director of Housing and Residential Education, was one of the many staff members in attendance for a resource fair held for Marlboro College students. Photo/Mark-Joseph Yirrell ’20

Several dozen students ended their visit at a student resource fair in the Lion’s Den.

“We wanted to give students a feel for what their life would be like at Emerson,” Jim Hoppe, vice president and dean of campus life, said of the daylong visit.   

Alyssa Stobele said she didn’t have any expectations before visiting Emerson with her parents, who flew in from Seattle to Boston.

“[I came because] I wanted a basic understanding of the school,” she said.

Stobele said she’s looking at a number of colleges, although her parents, Joseph and Stephanie, left feeling very positive about Emerson.

Stephanie said the visit was similar to checking out colleges when her daughter was in high school, and that there’s no substitute to seeing the school in person. Joseph said Emerson staff and faculty were very helpful by being hospitable, and answering any questions.

Five people stand together
Left to right: Marlboro College students Erin Marinelli, Leopold Fleming, Nikita Isakov, Tay Kelley, Sativa Leonard. Photo/David Ertischek ’01

Leopold Fleming said he’s deciding between Keene State and Emerson, but would prefer Emerson, to which he was previously accepted in high school.

“I’d be able to do more [at Emerson],” said Fleming.

Fleming said he was meeting with academic staff from Emerson for more guidance. Sitting next to him in the Lion’s Den was Erin Marinelli, who had sought clarification on what classes were available to Institute students.

Marinelli said she’d be comfortable with the geographical and cultural change of going from a rural campus to a cityscape. Fleming said he thought some students may be somewhat shocked by the change, as well as by going from a school of 150 students to a college with several thousand.

Tay Kelley, Marinelli’s roommate, said before the visit she had a mixed understanding of the transition process. She added she’s more than likely going to transition to Emerson.

Houston native Sativa Leonard said they preferred the quiet of rural Vermont, but wanted the hands-on experience of visiting Emerson and seeing it for themselves. Leonard added they had heard secondhand of what Emersonians were like, and found the depictions were accurate and that Marlboro students would fit in.

“Emerson is definitely a different school in location and feel,” said Chris Grant, associate director for the Office of Student Success. “But [Marlboro students] fit in as they are all liberal artists. They’re looking to make their own impact on the world. They don’t want to fit anyone’s box. They want to make their own.”

student pushes pin into map
A student pinpoints where in the world they are from. Photo/Mark-Joseph Yirrell ’20

Marlboro’s Head Selectperson Charlie Hickman, which is the equivalent to Emerson’s Student Government Association president, said they wanted to visit due to their role at Marlboro, and also to get down to the nitty-gritty of the academic aspect of transferring.

“I wanted to visit and see what it’s like,” said the Nebraska native, who was visiting Boston for the first time. “I wanted to see what the buildings look like and what the atmosphere is like.

“It’s definitely a culture shock. I’m just trying to balance the grief [of Marlboro closing] and that this is a great opportunity. As soon as I spend more time here, I’ll grow to love it. I’m fulfilling my dream of being a city slicker.”

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