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Video: Check Out This Awesome Dunk by Emerson’s Waterhouse

You’ve got to see this soaring dunk by sophomore Zach Waterhouse against Wheaton College on January 25.

“Sometimes in basketball stuff just happens,” said Waterhouse to “It happened so quickly. Most of the time when you try to go get a rebound you get blocked out or pushed off your path by someone on the other team, especially in college. Guys block out a lot more frequently. This time, I just had a free path to the basket, (Davis) missed it short, the ball bounced over the rim. I was very lucky because everything has to be just right on that play, and it all worked out and I had a chance to do something pretty cool.”

The fantastic followup came off freshman Ben Allen’s errant shot, and Waterhouse celebrated by flexing right after his dunk. After the game Waterhouse declared the dunk his best ever.

“I’ve had a couple of good ones I would say, but that was probably my best one given the degree of difficulty and how I wasn’t in control of most of it; I just made do with what I could. I didn’t necessarily plan to dunk it, but I guess I just got high enough and put it home; it was not my intention, it just happened,” said Waterhouse to

Emerson went on to win the game 97-83, with senior Jack O’Connor leading the way with 24 points, followed by freshman James Beckwith with 19, and Waterhouse had 17 points.

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