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Join a Green Ribbon Commission Task Force

Complementing Emerson’s goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030, the College has participated in the Green Ribbon Commission (GRC) for the last several years. The GRC unites Boston leaders to develop shared strategies that fight climate change and align with the City of Boston’s Climate Action Plan.

Starting in February, representatives from local colleges and universities, including Northeastern, Harvard, MIT, UMass Boston, BU, and Tufts, will embark on the GRC’s higher education 2020-2025 strategic plan. This strategic plan prioritizes climate action planning, collaborative research, and the transfer of knowledge.

The GRC invites Emerson faculty and staff members to join one of three task forces:

  1. Climate Action Planning: Support climate action planning and implementation across the higher education sector
  2. Collaborative Research: Facilitate collaborative research that leverages the higher education sector’s capabilities to promote solutions for equitable climate resilience and mitigation in greater Boston
  3. Transfer of Knowledge: Transfer knowledge to other sectors to accelerate change for equitable implementation of climate mitigation and resilience 

Membership is limited. For those interested in joining a task force, please email Cathy Liebowitz at by Monday, January 20.

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