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First-Year Roommates Led to Discount Tacos and Lifelong Friendships

The first-year roommate selection process is effectively a lottery — and for many Lions, it felt like they won the lottery, claiming a friend for life.

Emerson College’s Office of Housing and Residential Life tries to best match people based upon interests and desired living environments.

Not all roomies have a fictive kinship like Joey and Chandler. But many become besties, bridesmaids, and longtime friends.

We asked Emersonians on Emerson College’s Facebook page whether they are still in touch with their first-year roommate(s), and to tell us about their friendship. Here are just some of the many stories, recollections, and walks down memory lane.

Some roommates eventually became part of each other’s weddings.

And continue to spend important life moments together.

Some folks sought each other out after meeting online.

They helped us through school.

And how can food not bond people?

We have very strong feelings for each other.

After all these years…

…living far away. We remain friends.

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