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Which Emersonian Would You Most Want to Meet?

We asked Emersonians on the College’s official Facebook page: Which Emersonian, past or present, would you most want to meet and why? There were Hollywood heavy hitters, famous names, not-so famous names, and sentimental responses.

Of course you knew that the Fonz himself, Mr. Henry Winkler ’67 would be many Lions’ pick.

A lot of great comedians attended Emerson. Can you imagine getting them all in the same room?!

Emersonians said they’d like to meet several people who have been given honorary degrees from Emerson. Editor’s note: Carol Burnett attended UCLA, but received an honorary degree from Emerson in 1980.

Isabel Sanford, aka Weezy Jefferson, famous for Emerson alum Norman Lear’s The Jeffersons, received an honorary degree in 1985.

Of course, you can’t leave Norman Lear off any Emerson alum list. Lear was originally in the class of 1944 before he enlisted in the U.S. Army to fight in World War II. Lear did receive his degree from Emerson in 1968.

The Twilight Zone‘s Rod Serling also received an honorary degree in 1971.

Also on the dark side — of comic book characters — Paul Dini ’79, is the co-creator of Harley Quinn.

Several folks wanted to meet Emerson’s founder.

Also, a sorority’s founder…

And we end with some proud Emerson parents.

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