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UPDATE: Boylston Street to Close from Tremont to South Charles Streets

Dear Emerson Community,

I am writing to apprise community members of some temporary changes to the vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns on Boylston Street that will occur this weekend.  Suffolk Construction will be removing the tower crane at 80 Boylston Street (Little Building) this weekend,which will require the closure of Boylston Street from South Charles to Tremont streets from Saturday June 22, 1:00 am, until Sunday June 23, 4:00 pm.

Boston Police will place jersey barriers at both Tremont and South Charles streets and have officers posted at those locations and throughout the closed portion of Boylston Street to ensure the safety of the public while the tower crane is removed.  While pedestrians will still be able to access the sidewalks adjacent to Boylston Street, there will be some restrictions in place to ensure community members’ safety.

Specifically, pedestrians seeking to access Emerson College facilities from the South Charles Street area will be able to utilize the sidewalk as they normally would; however, those coming from the Tremont Street area or Boston Common will need to utilize the sidewalk adjacent to the Common and walk down to the area opposite 150 Boylston Street (Piano Row), where a temporary crosswalk will be installed for the duration of the road closure.  Emerson College Police officers will be assigned to the sidewalk opposite the Common from 100-150 Boylston Street to assist our community members in navigating these temporary roadway restrictions.

It is important that community members abide by these temporary restrictions to ensure their safety. The closed portion of Boylston Street will become an active construction zone for the length of the road closure, with heavy equipment and construction workers moving freely within the site. All pedestrians must utilize the temporary crosswalk at 150 Boylston Street within the area of the road closure if they wish to cross Boylston Street.   

Thank you for your cooperation.

Chief Bob Smith

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