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Register for Workday Classes

We are 50 days away from our Workday go-live date of July 1.  As we draw closer to that date, we want to provide you with some updates on how we will support a successful Go-Live!

The team recently finished eight weeks of intense “end to end” and “Payroll parallel” testing.  Many of you, our campus partners, joined us in testing scenarios like hiring, changing benefits, and submitting reimbursements. You provided valuable feedback on business processes and how to best communicate with the community about the upcoming changes. Throughout this process we have been designing a learning curriculum with resources to aide in our community’s transition to Workday.

We have designed a variety of classes and learning resources which will will reside on either the HR or Finance website under the Workday tab.  Additionally, we will host open lab days throughout July when you can drop by and learn a new skill, practice what you have learned, or get targeted questions answered. Our Workday Champs will visit your department to answer questions. We will announce all the events as they become available.

Most immediately, we are kicking off our prerequisite Level I Workday classes and asking you to enroll.  Level 1 focuses on the Workday basics: entering time, requesting time off, updating personal and benefit information, and understanding the chart of accounts. There is also a Level I session for managers that we strongly encourage managers to attend.

Classes begin on May 29 and continue through the Summer and early Fall 2019.

Level I classes: (begin May 29)

  • Introduction to Workday – Prerequisite to all other classes!
  • Finance 101 – For all Cost Center approvers, p-card holders, department budget managers, Marketplace users, or anyone submitting expense reports
  • Workday for Managers – Anyone who hires or manages staff

Click on the on-line sign up sheet to select the date/time that works best for your schedule for Level I classes listed above.  We will finalize class rosters once we receive your enrollment, and will reach out with a follow up confirmation email prior to your class date.

Level II classes will include:

  • Recruiting & Hiring (staff, students, and faculty)
  • More in-depth instruction for those working with Accounts Payable and Procurement
  • Student Workers

Ongoing Workday Classes:

  • All classes will be offered regularly throughout the year
  • As we build our familiarity and skill, we will design more advanced classes on targeted subjects.

We hope you are as excited as we are to move into this stage of the project.  If you have any questions, please contact Kellie Fuller.


Thank you!

Robert J. Butler, Jr.
Senior Associate Vice President for Finance

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