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EVVYs Going Gender Neutral, Beacon Reports

The 37th Annual EVVY Awards. Starting this year, the awards show will not split up categories by gender. File photo/Derek Palmer

Emerson’s 38th Annual EVVY Awards will not feature Best Actor and Best Actress awards, and will instead feature the Outstanding Performer and Outstanding Supporting Actor, the Berkeley Beacon reports.

“We want to create a show that reaches as many people as possible, and this is taking us in the right direction,” Madeleine Hoffman, executive producer of the EVVYs Creative Content Division, told the Beacon. Hoffman said the award changes were suggested in an executive meeting and was a “no-brainer.”

Other new categories for this year’s show include Outstanding Podcast and Outstanding Web Series. The EVVYs will be on May 10 at 7 pm.

You can check out the Berkeley Beacon for more info about the EVVY Awards changes and the significance of them.


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