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Food for Thought: Take a Faculty Member to Lunch

“Food For Thought” is a program that provides funds for students to take a faculty member to lunch.  This program is nearly five years old now, and runs every semester.  I hope that you will participate in it this semester and throughout your years at Emerson.

We know that our remarkable faculty members shape your lives in college, and often inspire and work with you even after you graduate. We also know that many of students’ most transformational experiences come when interacting with faculty outside of the classroom.  We want to encourage and support activities that make these interactions possible.

This program lets you use your Emerson ID to take a faculty member of your choosing to lunch.  The attached flyer offers a little more detail about the program, but the logistics are easy:

  • This option is available at the Dining Center.
  • Each semester, the cost of one faculty lunch will be added to your card. Students who do not have a meal plan receive the cost of two meals, one for the faculty lunch and one for your lunch.  So simply swipe your card once for you and once for your guest, and you’re done.
Meals bring people together. I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to get to know a faculty member better.

Thanks, and I’ll see you at the Dining Center.

Lee Pelton
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