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Pelton Oped on the Future of Boston Arts

The Boston Globe published President Lee Pelton’s opinion piece on the occasion of the reopening of the Emerson Colonial Theatre, “A Theatre’s Second Act, and the Future of Boston Arts.”

In the piece, Pelton says that the reopening of the Colonial is an example of Emerson’s commitment to the arts and theater in Boston, but he also calls on local businesses and organizations to recognize the power of the arts to transform society — as well as create wealth and opportunity.

Boston Foundation report showed that corporate support for the arts has diminished across the city, and foundation funding for the arts is low compared to cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.

It shouldn’t be such heavy lifting. The arts are profitable. According to the ArtsBoston report, more than 18 million people are welcomed by Boston’s arts and cultural institutions every year. That’s enough to sell out Fenway Park — 488 times.

Read the opinion piece.

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