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Sports Communication Students Turn Passion into Podcast

Students sitting on the floor with laptops

First-year students (left to right) Tristan Deschenes, John Manocchia, Nicholas Heilman, and Dylan McCafferty work on Dorm Room Sports. Courtesy photo

Seven first-year Sports Communication majors began their Dorm Room Sports podcast as a chance to gain experience in sports broadcasting, as well as to have fun with their friends.

“It doesn’t feel like a burden for any of us. We’re doing this because we love it,” said John Manocchia, who started Dorm Room Sports with Tristan Deschenes, Dylan McCaffery, Tyler Englander, Nicholas Heilman, Galen Odell, and Timothy O’Sullivan. The podcast is as casual as just a group of friends talking about sports, according to Manocchia.

While the group might not use high-tech equipment and is still learning the skills of broadcasting, this nonchalant mood helps the podcast resonate with others, Englander said.

They discuss important current topics in sports, including the injury of Celtics player Gordon Hayward, a rundown of the National Football League, and the future of the Los Angeles Lakers. They focus on a wide variety of sports and esports.

Englander said he doesn’t want the podcast to be just a recap of sporting events, and he wants Dorm Room Sports to tackle topics that veer from what other sports shows are talking about.

“We want it to be a deeper discussion than just something you would see on SportsCenter,” Englander said.

The group members said they view the podcast as a learning opportunity. They have learned new skills including social media, website management, the large time commitment, and marketing skills, according to Englander and Manocchia.

The podcast has brought the students new opportunities. They got to appear on Steiner Sports’s show, Project X, which Manocchia said was a great opportunity.

Charles Coplin, who teaches sports communication at Emerson, inspired the group to do the podcast, according to Tristan Deschenes.

The group said the school has helped them improve their podcast.

Jonathan Satriale, technology director in the School of Communication, helped the group get microphones to improve the sound quality, and Spencer Kimball, assistant professor of Communication Studies, gave them suggestions, such as adding background sound, Englander said.

They podcast on Wednesday nights and can be found on Twitter at @eye2eyesports or their website.


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