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Board ‘Champions’ to Step up to the Plate for Students

Emerson’s 23 Board of Advisors members collectively have decades of experience in fields as diverse as public relations, finance, theater, and innovation. Now, one of them wants to harness all that knowledge and passion and use it to benefit students and faculty.

Joshua Wachs ’87, partner and advisor to digital consultants Echo & Co. and founder of a custom database and consulting company, is spearheading a move to create “Champions.”

“By having champions on the board, the members are literally championing the causes that are particularly relevant to their background – and [making themselves] available to the college to provide insight and expertise as needed and appropriate,” Wachs said in a statement.

The Board of Advisors provides recommendations and feedback to the president and Board of Trustees, and serves as a conduit between students and industry. The Champions initiative, which was approved by the board at its October meeting this week, clarifies and better advertises members’ eagerness and ability to advise faculty or student groups, speak to classes, or help out in any way appropriate.

Advisors who are willing and able to become Champions will be added to the list, and the board will work with the various College departments to inform them about the new group and how they can contact the members.

Wachs got the ball rolling by offering to be an Esports champion. He’s already been advising the Communication Studies Department and students in developing an Esports program within the new Sports Communication major.

Though the project is aimed at helping students and faculty, there’s an upside for Advisors as well, Wachs said.

“I think it’s a further recognition and sort of empowerment of them as well,” he said. “[It’s saying] we recognize this person has a passion and expertise.”




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