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Pelton to WBUR: Many Emerson Faculty "Distraught and Disturbed" over Trump Executive Order

Emerson President Lee Pelton talked to WBUR 90.9 about the College’s reaction to President Trump’s executive order limiting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries and suspending the admission of refugees.

In “Even After Judges’ Stay, Trump’s Travel Ban Leaves Campuses Struggling to Respond,” Pelton told WBUR’s Edify that it was “very likely” faculty would meet in a special session next week to talk about the issue.

“This executive order undermines a very important cornerstone of what we stand for as an institution of higher learning,” said …Pelton. Although Pelton emphasized that Emerson “supports diversity in all of its many forms, including political forms,” he found that “many, if not most, faculty members are distraught and disturbed by the executive order.”

Read or listen to the story on the WBUR website.

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