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All Eyes on Emerson First-Year Student, Alumnus’ Lego Video

A still from Kris and Kurtis Theorin's Yellow Submarine vs. the Sea Monster Lego video. 

Kris Theorin ’20 isn’t much of a Beatles fan. But a lot of the rest of the world is, so the video for Lego’s new Yellow Submarine toy set that Theorin and his brother, Kurtis ’15, made for the company has been whizzing around the Internet.

Kris and Kurtis and their family’s company, Something’s Awry Productions, have made video ads for Lego before, but when the video for the Beatles-themed set was released Wednesday, October 12, media around the world, including the Hollywood Reporter, Gizmodo, Nerdist, Fast Company, SlashGear, GeekWire, and Mashable, among others.

“The whole video sort of taps into a larger audience than Lego might normally get,” said Theorin.

Watch the video.

The Yellow Submarine set was the result of a design competition Lego held. For their stop-motion animation film, which they began making over the summer, the Theorins were sent prototypes from Denmark.

Kurtis wrote the script and developed the story, after watching the 1968 animated film. Kris did the animation, effects, editing, and production (some of was finished in his Little Building dorm room), and a composer was hired to give the video a “Beatlesy” feel.

In the one-and-a-half-minute film, a fisherman is dragged to the depths of the sea by a whale, and is eventually rescued by the Fab Four in their eponymous underwater vessel (George and Paul do a little fist bump, clearly pleased with their heroics). Everything apart from the background and some 2D bubbles is built from the actual Lego prototype, shot frame-by-frame with Theorin’s DSLR camera and strung together with consumer software.

Theorin said it was “exciting” to see the video picked up so widely.

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