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Parents and Incoming Freshmen Bond at ELA

Parents and incoming freshmen of Emerson College’s Class of 2020 gathered together during a welcome reception at Emerson Los Angeles (ELA) on August 10 for an evening of fun and information sharing. Allen Zipper and Amy Phillips, parents of Marni Zipper ‘19, hosted the event, which around 50 families attended.

“From the littlest questions about what underwear to pack to what does move in look like, it will all work out,” Phillips told the audience.

Families enjoyed an informal dinner before splitting up into separate groups. Zipper and Phillips answered questions from parents in the Bill Bordy Media and Conference Center while Marni took the incoming freshmen outside to answer student-specific questions.    

Marni Zipper '19 speaks to incoming freshmen at Emerson College Los Angeles. Photo/Daryl Paranada

Zipper and Phillips offered advice to parents on a range of topics — from how mail gets delivered to where to buy Mexican food; whether to buy a small refrigerator to what Facebook groups to join.  

Stephanie Murphy, a health information technology manager from San Clemente, California, was one of the parents soliciting advice from Zipper and Phillips. She said she was excited for her son, Jack, who plans to major in Comedic Arts.

“He’s entering a department and major that’s one of a kind,” said Murphy. “He’s going to have a unique experience.”

Incoming Emerson College freshman Jack Murphy and his mother, Stephanie. Photo/Daryl Paranada

Jack, who was accepted to nine other colleges, said he chose to attend Emerson because he had met so many great people from the college and knows it has a strong alumni network.

“The more I looked at the connections, the LA center, and the alumni, it was something that really clicked with me,” said Jack, who attended a performing arts high school and has extensive theater experience. “I’m excited to learn about all aspects of comedy.”

Hideki Sugiyama, a computer programmer from LA, said he was excited for his daughter, Shiori, to begin college, but would also miss her.

“It’ll be the first time she’s living alone,” said Sugiyama. “Boston is a big city and very different from LA, but we know she’ll be okay.”

The Sugiyama family. From left: Yuko, Shioi, Yuki, and Hideki. Photo/Daryl Paranada

Shiori plans to major in Visual & Media Arts, and said she chose to attend Emerson College because of its notable alumni. Two names she brought up: Kevin Bright ’76, founding director and senior advisor of ELA, and the executive producer of her favorite TV show Friends; and Bobbi Brown ’79, a legend in the beauty industry.

“I’m really into makeup and I want to take classes at Emerson for that,” said Shiori, who was most nervous about the cold and having to budget.

Josie Bernstein, who plans to major in Theater Education and Performance, attended the event with her mother and younger sister. She said she was most excited about the drive and passion other people in her class and program have.  

Josie Bernstein, middle, with her mother, Karen, and sister Shoshie. Photo/Daryl Paranada

“There’s lots of talent and a lot of student organizations,” said Bernstein, who has already visited the Emerson College campus three times. “It’s a very upbeat, happy place to be.”

When asked if she was worried about anything, Bender Bernstein said not really.

“Maybe finding a coat for winter,” she added.   

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