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Emerson Faculty Film Finds New Audience, 10 Years On

Cristina Kotz Cornejo

3 Americas, film professor Cristina Kotz Cornejo’s debut feature film, was picked up for Mexican video on demand distribution by Cinema UNO ten years after its initial release, and was screened in Mexico City July 9 as part of Cinema UNO’s “Exile and Migration” program. 

The film is the story of a teen living in Boston who is sent to Argentina to live with her anti-American grandmother, Cornejo, associate chair of the Visual and Media Arts Department, said in an email.

“I'm proud and grateful that after ten years, 3 Americas, a small, independent film, still resonates with audiences on a thematic level and that it is making its way to new audiences through this VOD distribution opportunity in Mexico,” Cornejo wrote. “I'm excited that the film is part of Cinema UNO, which is a new digital platform in Mexico that has a wider reach than traditional movie theatres.”

Cinema Uno's poster for the screening last weekend. 

3 Americas made its world premiere in 2007 at the Woodstock Film Festival, and has since screened at more than fifteen venues internationally. In the United States, it was picked up for streaming by Netflix in 2010, and is still available on Netflix DVD, iTunes, Amazon, and elsewhere.

It was screened in Boston at the Museum of Fine Arts in 2008, and has come to Emerson twice, Cornejo said.

Cornejo is also the writer/director of the short films Despertar (2011), Hermanas (2012), and Buena Fe (2014), among others.

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